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12 June 2014

Acqua For Life - Giorgio Armani Price

Today was a lovely day though I was unable to walk to 
Public University Corporation 
Nagoya City University Hospital 
for lunch from my hospital rooms,
a short distance from the hospital.

I remain an out-patient treated 
for being the victim of a Hit-And-Run 
traffic accident in Aichi Prefecture years ago.

Public University Corporation 
Nagoya City University Hospital 
English page is available in two renditions. 

My  first source is the Japanese website 
with a red box
clearly marked for English 
in the upper right hand corner. 

Another English version is No. 2 on Google results and appears askew.
Watch carefully what you demand.

All the food on the menu display from the cafeteria was fried.
Only white rice was available. 

What more has anyone been able to say 
about fried food? 

Decide by yourself to risk your health, 
including losing your eyesight, 
by eating a diet mainly of fried food.

You will find information 
how fried food damages 
your inner and outer beauty 
as well as 
destroying natural biological ecosystems 
in The Olive Oil Sources

It troubles me because the cafeteria is set aside for medical doctors and their students 
including hospital staff, nurses and whomever cares to sit down 
for a quacker 
dietitians' balanced meal au Japonais.

You get my point? 
If not then continue reading the fill in material on why good health is a human right.

It's not Kentucky Fried Chicken 
you would be lip smacking on now, is it?

On this lovely day at hospital reception inside


Nagoya City University Hospital 

I asked for water. 

Yesterday I was taken ill by the heat since it  has been unseasonally hot in the State, Japan. 

At a police box I was able to receive immediate attention for two hours. 

This included 5 cups of personally brewed cool tea and 

a cold wet towel every 30 minutes 

for the unexpected heat-related illness.

Remember, I am a full time out-patient at the hospital diseased with cervical myelopathy 
where the senior female receptionist told me off
politely in Japanese language:

"There is no water in the hospital."

Could this be true? What I heard I thought I misunderstood, so I repeated my request 
for water not Acqua For Life

You should never misunderstand Japanese do not care to listen. 

Why do they constantly apologize for lack of judgement having lost at wars 
of aggression and now foul mouthing neighboring Asian Nations?

The second response transliterated: 
"You go downstairs.
At the store Buy a Pet in a Bottle."

Photo Privacy Courtesty
Confused and exhausted I went to the special offices set aside in hospital for Heath and Welfare of patients who may adjust compensations to the hospital corporation. 

I asked the International Nurse, who only speaks Japanese, "Where is water ?" 

His cheshire smile preceded and followed his reply, 

"There is no water in this hospital."

I know personally the International Nurse is an espèce d'idiot. 

In addition to never listening, Japanese people are notorious for lieing. I lead myself out quickly lest I contaminate myself.

Upon request politesse  I was given a glass of water to take medications. 

Jul 30 1 year ago

The health line declines these past few years after Hit-and-Run in Aichi, on Honshu in the archipelago, The Far East Asia. 

Whereas the Japanese driver of the Toyota and Japanese insurance companies involved refuse payment for permanent medical disabilities, the State, Japan has been mandated to bear all health, living and medical expenses in perpetuity. 

This year treatments have been denied by the regional municipality Mizuho Ward Health and Welfare Bureau for medical assistance since 3 July. 

Internal hemorrhaging was diagnosed on 13 July by my private MD; who promptly ordered an MRI at NTT Nishi Nihon Hospital, yet as the crime victim with Japanese handwritten medical instructions, I was denied access to hospital facilities. 

This incident also occurred at Nagoya Uni-
versity Hospital under threats of arrest from Aichi Prefectural Police Department  Showa Ward Police Officers

Only twice during this month did I have to be admitted to ER due to complications from Japanese medicines causing inflammation from the neck down the spinal cord into the feet and legs.

Is the "Japan State of Emergency" still on high alert since Friday 11 March 2011, the Great East Japan Earth Quake Day? 

If not explain why triage was performed at the front entrances of NTT Nishi Nihon and Nagoya University Hospitals and The Red Cross Hospital! 

Although physically challenged since birth, my travels around the globe; in essence my life in danger has less significance because of these and other vicious violent crimes against me brought on by Japanese war monger citizens/nationals, the despicable agents of horror and terror. 

There is no peace in Japan even after through accident or as a result of military action, which The USA did not complete their contract of World War II to finish the job. 

I bite my tongue before I say,  "FU KOFF" to all the Japanese criminals and coconspirator Leon Panetta.

My written address to Il Capo Arai at Naka Ward Police Station on 8 May 2011 has yet to be considered for reply. 

De facto: a Japanese citizen, Hanai Masumi, gangster lead member of 

Banda Sohgoh Law Office - 

Law Firm in Nagoya, Japan

struck violently against me in Marunouchi Ward causing physical bloody body damages in front of my friend and witness. 

Officer Satoh at the Naka Ward Police Station would not hear my report of the criminal assault stating, "detectives on the 4th floor were on vacation for two weeks." 

Au Contraire Mon Cher.

Two weeks later I sought the assistance of vacationing detectives on their 4th floor hangout unsanctioned by Google+. 

With a bold swaggering housewife duster display of machismo, I was told by at least 5 detectives: "Go back. You own country!" 

Since I am tri-national I became confused, 
aside I said, 

"Do I Own Europa?" 

"Do I own Japan? "

"Do I own U.S.?"

Then I was manhandled and mauled out of the Naka Ward Police Station. 

A permanent resident of the 1 foul state Japan for over 30 years, their ideolect was beyond any civilized nation's comprehension.

Il Capo Ohashi at the Aichi Prefecture Police Station in Mizuho Ward, where I have hospital rooms set outside the Nagoya City University Hospital, was personally delivered a crime statement on 23 May 2011. 

Il Capo Ohashi junior rank Officer Yashi on duty advised me to leave the station without recourse. 

He argued he was tired and wanted to rest up on duty before going home 
to make his wife giddy with sexy tricks.

Two days later when I returned to speak with Aichi Prefecture Police Department Detective Seino in the Mizuho Ward Police Station at an appointed 15:30, he ranted and screamed so loudly, "FU_K YOU! FU_K YOU! GET FU_K OUT HERE! 

all detectives on the floor came rushing out of their offices such that I feared for life in my medical condition suffering from cervical myelopathy; because I was not wearing the issued medical collar for protection

I thought "Dick" Seino was overworked and needs early retirement immediately, however this week I noticed he still structs through the halls walking like a queen with no balls. 

Special Note. Gay Guys Jargon aside SVP. Elizabeth et Al  


Because of an incidence of harassment and violence at the Mizuho Ward Town Hall Ground Floor, I wanted to inform Town Mayor Kawamura Takashi that several civil servants under his command would enjoy career changes to Lawson Shops or Part-Time Meitetsu Toyota City Taxi Drivers. 

Tanto Ito get off your arse because Tanto Casino and Komiyama are kick boxing you're nuts until you do. Pseudo Buddhist monks do not need more government funds. 

Tanto Bono left on the first flight out of the country destination unknown.

Tanto Yoshida, still lurks along the halls looking for young female prey. He followed me for 20minutes until I called APPD, who informed the overage employee he needed new glasses as they personally know I have a dick. 

Crooked Ex-Mayor Kawamura or MuraKawa, what the F.linga do you debase citizens of the town with? Do not join me in the follow up meeting in August. Your Cookie crumbled at Hatsuhi Cho. That lying bitch has a mouth no human should ever endure again. 

We recommend she hang herself in the slammer to save government funding to do a proper swift act of due justice. After that, they can drop the lump of body on your doorstep, because she shat on ours.

Is Japan a safe haven country and could Mayor Kunishima ever comment without being as morally ambiguous as every part of Japan Society? 

Accordingly the National Police Agency HQ Chiefs in Aichi, Gifu and Mie Prefectures declare, 

"Japan is the 1 foul state only for Japanese peoples. You others are not allowed to stay. It is a dangerous country for visiting. We charitable Japanese even fear for our lives in Japan." 

Given the Japan State of Emergency and the shifting geographical faults, everyone across the world should be afraid of visiting Japan or conducting business with enterprises from this warlord archipelago which has not changed in over 2000 years. 

Once when attending a luncheon, during intensive post graduate studies enrollment at
Georgetown University Executive Italian International Business in Roma, Italia, with O Presidente da Banco de Portugalthe gentleman friend assured me he too had similar distressing, hateful and negative experience during the Kyoto Conference; meanwhile his wife hammered my head for abetting even the charitable Japanese citizens. 

To my brother-in-law, a retired VP from GM European Division, I suggested to just walk out of Tokyo negotiations after two days. Either that or the sushi would poison him. 

Japanese are notoriously known for spiking food and drink in pubs and restaurants with chemical substances in quantities to kill you or  knock you out until they kill you.

I did not want my sister to be such a young widow as I am unable to support her given the disturbing nature of my physical challenges.  

General Sir. Your personal reply requested and not replied. No reason why? I suggest you piss off to a safe haven port on your own. My male sexuality did not appeal to you? POTUS will receive a full report on your antics in Ozaka Soapland early next month. 

Didn't the bunga bunga bunga girls teach you what MEDICAL EMERGENCY means? Yes you were busy, busy, busy.  Never forget Sir, three simple words to memorize by heart  :P 

Bitches are Snitches. "Was the snatch worth the price?", my children asked me while attending to my wounds in the ER.

Acqua For Life - Giorgio Armani Price

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